Coupons for Life

Monday, November 4, 2013

In my house, we LOVE coupons! My mom has always been frugal and that definitely passed onto my sister & I. We cut a lot of coupons, save them from stores and use them on our smart phones often! I even have a mini labeled coupon organizer that I keep in my purse at all times ;)  I will talk more about coupons later on. I wanted to share these deals with you because they are TOO good to not share! Christmas is coming and I already bought a few gifts! I know its just november but how can a Starbucks peppermint mocha in a red cup and Christmas music on Pandora not get you excited!?!

My sister Sarah actually found this on "Hip 2 Save" which is an awesome website where they figure out deals for you. Seriously, check it out. This Fisher Price Farm House is normally $37.99 & today we got it for only $9! NOT sure how long this will last!
I'll break it down in order so it's more simple
1. Target has it on sale (temporary price cut) for $33.99.
                    2. Target matches Amazon prices, so on Amazon it goes for $22.99 on sale, show smartphone or print out Amazon product. 
                  3. This link here.. Fisher Price when you refer to a friend/share you get a $10 off coupon!
4. Go to the Target website, then deals,then coupons, or click here! Under toys it will have a $5 off coupon of toy 19.99 or more (THIS ONE MAY OR MAY NOT WORK!) lol sorry about the caps but your Target may be extra picky and not taking this coupon,making your total less than $13 for the toy.

Originally $37.99, only pay $9, which saves you a little over $29 in coupons/price matches!

My nephew is 5 months old. The toy is for ages 1-4 but it's a great/fun gift to save for his first birthday! I love this toy because it seems like one of the classic fisher price toys out there, it even makes noises and comes with little animals. Today in line we actually saw another mom buying one so they are going fast! I suggest calling your local Targets first and seeing how many they have in stock. Thank goodness for Target, that store just keeps getting better and better. 

I also am loving Urban Peach Boutique! I have purchased jewelry through them twice! They have pretty good prices and the stuff is super cute! I bought this magenta necklace earlier in the year & love it! It's called the "Jewel Bib Necklace" which i'm wearing in these two pics.

The other day they had a $5 deal on some of the necklaces so I got some for my mom & sister. I'm bummed they no longer have it to share :( Not sure how long this one will last....but they do have 25% sale items! 
 Use Code: EXTRA25

They are great gifts! I also want to say that they aren't thee most high quality piece either, I haven't had any problems with mine though! I'll deff keep buying from them in the future :) In one of my style post I will wear my necklaces I just recently purchased. 

'Tis the season for coupons & savings galore!

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