Happy Spring!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring is pretty much here in Michigan! We had such a long, freeeeezing winter. I'm really glad I won't see snow for a long while! We have only had about a dozen-ish days where it has been nice enough to not wear a jacket but I have worn my gladiator sandals about 19x so thats a good sign. It's time for spring cleaning and switching out my closet..I thought I'd never see they day.

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Easter! Holidays are a BIG deal to me but i'm in that stage where i'm not a kid so the excitement level is lower....however, I cannot wait to share my holidays with my children! I cannot wait to go all out and make those moments so fun and memorable for my kids, but more importantly that they will know the true reason behind Easter. (the candy, bunny/chick thing is just an added bonus of sheer fun!)  The whole weekend is extra extra special and such a joyous time to celebrate that Jesus is alive! I am so thankful that He died on the cross for our sins so we could live in freedom. There is nothing like the unconditional love of God and I'm happily overwhelmed that I can experience it every single moment. We had a beautifilled day here ;) Wonderful church services, lots of candy, family, and easter eggs! He is risen!

                                                                           My Family :)

 mom, two of my sweet cousins, my sis & bro-in-law & my nephew! (such a fun 1st Easter for him!) 
yes haha my mom still gets me an Easter basket ;) 
she's the best!

                                                 this song is AMAZING...GO LISTEN!

         I adore this guy. Wednesday will be 1 year & 10 months for us and it keeps getting better. I don't  know what I would do without my best friend. He's finishing up his senior year and i'm
 finishing up a semester at college so schedules are busy and along with baseball games (yay for baseball season!) but life is so fun together & I wouldn't have it any other way. Always blessed.

                                      Hope you're all having a happy, sunny spring!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I feel like a terrible blogger for not blogging for 2 months, but I at least I can make a change! I'm sitting in my bed, just about to listen to music while I pin new healthy recipes, DIY projects and idea's for flowers to have at my wedding even though i'm not engaged yet. haha, I don't feel any shame in that since it's perfectly okay for girls to dream of their wedding starting at age 6. It's pretty much mid week and I'm face palming myself for being unorganized ( I don't know if face "palming" is a word but now it is) I thrive with list, schedules & to-do list. I feel like i'm a mixture in some ways because I also love being sporadic (got that from my dad!) There have been more than a couple times its where it's 11pm & my dad suddenly wants to go to the movies & we get up and go. Last february I was telling my dad how I really wanted to go to Frankenmuth (for those of you who don't know it's a cute,little town with shops and classic bavarian food here in Michigan) and we just decided to go with the family. I can't wait to surprise my husband with a date night at his favorite places. I can't wait to surprise my kids to tell them we're going on a trip. Mayyyybe that doesn't sound so in the moment lol but I know there will be days where I will want to drop whats going on & just do what pops in my head!

  There are two main things I realize about this: I work insanely well in a organized environment, but I work best when God is in control. I know full well that that I have to trust God with all things, big and small. I truly believe that I am driven in this way because that's how He made me, but with that...I can't let those things rule my whole life. When I don't cross everything off my to-do list I shouldn't get frazzled. When things don't go as planned (which they DEFINITELY don't part of the time) I have to roll with it. I have a lot of vision, I have so many things pictured and planned in my head and sometimes it can be disappointing if they don't happen the way I thought. Part of that is really natural, we all have dreams and idea's that get changed or ruined-that's okay at times. I'm really blessed that I have so many outlets to stay focused and joyful throughout this crazy life. Writing out a list and using cute pens are the little things in life that make me happy :) It also really helps to get things done. School can be is overwhelming. Lets be honest, whether it's bills, homework assignments, etc there are so many papers. Highlighting, laminating or making a separate sheet for what you have to get done can keep you on track. School is much more manageable for me when I write what is due and when, that way I don't have to search for it all. Oh, binders and tabs also are a bff :) To some this may be common sense but it can be so easy to over look this stuff.

There is just something extra special about writing things out, I feel like it's much more visual than the notepad in your phone or trying to remind yourself in your head. I love love love to write and many times I type or get it on paper I am able to get out what i'm feeling. It's also a great coping mechanism for hard times. So...I encourage YOU to make a list! Maybe you hate them or maybe you love them but try something new whether it's jotting down what you have to do for the day, or writing your favorite quote on a post-it or sending someone an actual letter.

                                 Just a few pics of my random organized spaces that I dearly love :)
                                                         ( as you can see they change)


Tips: It is so worth it so buy yourself some nice pens, planners or cards. My favorite pens are called    " Le Pens" they so cute & tiny and write so so well! I also love my thin sharpies and almost have every color (seriously i'm on the hunt for colors I don't have). I also ordered a notepad from Emily Ley love it so much! I also find many cute stuff at target! If you feel like being extra frugal with these types of items check these places out:

Pinterest- They have endless idea's for organizing! There are also so many other wonderful blogs that you can find to help make life easier. I'm so glad pinterest happened because it has helped me a ton. In my organization board I have pinned, FREE printables I use for grocery shopping/meal planning that are oh so cute!
Target- hail to the endcaps! Seriously, I have found so much for under a $2! Not to mention their dollar spot in the front which gets new stuff quite often.
Hobby Lobby- not sure if you have one where you live but I pray you do. Pretty much everything is is either 50% in the the store or you can use the 40% coupon on any item (which you can find by typing it in google or the hobby lobby app) The classic half off sale switches every week I believe, so if there's an item you want 50% try and go back the next week.
Mason jars are such a cute way to store pens & stationary items! Of course Hobby Lobby has quite a few choices that are inexpensive. Plus, I use them constantly, drinking iced coffee, storing straws, etc.
Staples- I don't go to office supply stores much because I feel like they are usually overpriced on their products but a few times a year they have really good sales on their notebooks! The staples brand I love & I think when school starts in the end of the summer they have them for ONE CENT! They are pretty cheap anyway but grab them when the sale comes!
Online- I don't have a fav spot yet but I know there are many sites like amazon where you can buy items in bulk for people who are like me. If I can ever find an extra good price on those Le Pens I will share!!!
The Container Store- I am sad to say that I don't even have one close to where I live :(  I have actually emailed the company to open on here because I already know it's a slice of heaven. I have bought a few things online and loved it! The shipping goes up the more you buy but they have tons and tons of stuff to organize your house with!

I'm currently planning on being a Physician Assistant but of course I wish I could do extra side jobs if it worked that way! Part of me would love to go to people's homes and organize together, I find it soothing and so helpful. I also encourage YOU to tackle a space that needs organization! Grab a garbage bag to throw some stuff away, another bag to give away and another to sort though. You may also find something you've been looking for since forever (totes happens to me). It's kind of an ongoing task so don't get discouraged. If you feel like you don't a ton of time just take 30 mins once a week or stay up a little later to work on something, you usually will feel much less stressed when you know right where something belongs! It can also be a great thing to get your kids involved in! Create color coated baskets to teach them which one the socks go in, or get them their own cute character cup to put their toothbrush back in, I could go on and on :)

If you feel like OCD crazy about this stuff you are not alone! My boyfriend and family totally accept me the way I am but i'd be lying if I never got eye rolls or "oh gosh" comments after I color code my packing list that I will throw away that same day (orrrrr maybe even keep cause I like to keep pointless papers for who knows why?) So go ahead and use that extra hand sanitizer, keep a notepad in your car, tape your motivation quote on your mirror, get excited and instagram your new gold pen.. just don't let it rule YOU. Life happens but God wants us to not be overwhelmed! He calls us to peace. No one can ever ever ever be perfect so it's never my goal to even try. I believe in doing your best but if you get so caught up in being perfect, you'll find yourself in confusion. All in all, I am NOT 100% nuts. Some people think wow your things always seem in tip top shape! haha NOPE! I still have piles of laundry, tangled jewelry in containers, scribbled notes in my biology notebook, empty water bottles in the backseat of my SUV, and ripped folders ;) and that's only a small amount! So here's to trying to keep ourselves on track this crazy-fun life while living in the midst of God's peace, love, and guidance through EVERYthing! Happy Organizing to all my list making lovers!


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