Homemade Beard Oil

Saturday, September 5, 2015


This is something I never thought I would be making but here I am! lol My boyfriend has always loved the outdoors but this past year he's been getting way into it more. We are in some sort of outdoor store every.single.week. Philip is also now starting to grow his beard which i'm not fulllllly use to but he's been asking for a beard oil. He sent me a link on how to make your own and I was way happier with that vs buying it. It's just one more way for him to be using my essential oils ;) If unsure, I would recommend having who ever is using it to smell some out first and even test some on his hand if he hasn't used them before. I only use Young Living essential oils which I LOVE! If you are interest in becoming a member, shoot me an email! By having oils and big bottle of grapeseed oil on hand, you will have enough to make these beard oils for years & years to come!

"In the Woods"
    -Grapeseed oil (15ml/ aka filled up my bottle halfway)
-Vitamin E oil (10 drops)
-Pine (12 drops)
-Cedarwood (5 drops)
-Peppermint (3 drops)
-Frankincense (2 drops)

"Clean Citrus"
-  Grapeseed oil (15ml/aka filled up my bottle halfway)
- Vitamin E oil (10 drops)
- citrus fresh (10 drops)
- Copaiba (7 drops)
- Lavender ( 5 drops)
- Lemon (3 drops)

What you will need!
A bottle: I bought these cute amber bottles at my local health food store for only a few bucks each. The dark works best to help the oils last longer. You can also find them online.
Label: I wanted to make it more personalized so I just made out a label on pages. I got some new fonts and clipart to make it more vintage looking. I LOVE how they turned out, I personally love the deer on each side :) A taped post-it or sticky label works just if you don't want to make your own! I just taped them around the bottle after adding the oil.
Bowl & Spoon/Q-tip: I used a little bowl to mix them and test out the recipes beforehand. A Q-tip works best to mix them and to also smell them. Once I figured out how many drops to add I just put the oils in right from the Young Living bottles right into my amber bottle instead of premixing it and then poorly pouring it from the bowl. A mini funnel would also be smart.
Essential Oils & a Carrier Oil: Whichever ones you prefer! There are several types of carrier oils (an oil you can use to dilute the essential oils) to use, I love coconut oil & grapeseed best. For beard oil I don't suggest using coconut oil though because depending on the temperature it will either be super liquid-y or harden up to a balm texture. The ones I used are listed above!


There are so many benefits to this stuff! With the oils I used, they can help with acne, dry skin, a rough beard, odor and growth. Essential Oils absorb into hair and skin & mimic the cells that our body makes, which is why the positive properties of each oil works so well! In another post I will let ya'll know how it works after Philip uses it for awhile. Iv been SO excited to make this for him! Comment below and let me know if anyone has favorite recipes. Growing up it was a girls world in my house, with my dad as the only guy...make up, body spray and nail polish took the win for us 3 girls. Soo this beard oil is a new thing & I didn't know was so popular :) haha Oh, the things you learn when your best friend is your boyfriend.

bath bombs

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Anyone else looove their beauty products?! Any Lush fans here? I thought so. I have really been wanting to make more things I can use on my body. I'm all for ulta, fancy expensive brands, but I also love making products myself. Coconut oil, vitamin E oil & essential oils are now part of my everyday routine. There are tons of concoctions I have made up that I keep going back to. You will find my less than a $1 (b/c the ingredients I have on hand in long lasting supply) homemade mask right next to my $28 dollar philosophy exfoliating face wash ;)  Lush bath products I love to buy and still will but I knew they weren't that hard to make so I tried them out for myself. Bath bombs are greeeat, they are colorful, smell so good, make your skin soft and make baths that much better.

This is my 1st experiencing making homemade bath bombs! I looked through a few but decided to try this recipie. This is not my own, so props to this girl! They were pretty simple and just today I made a 2nd batch. A few of the items I got at my local health food store. They are setting now so tonight I'm going to test them out in the bath! I will update the end of this post to let ya'll know :) They already smell AMAZING! CLICK HERE--> Homemade Bath Bomb Recipe

Pink Grapefruit: I followed the original recipe but just added grapefruit as my essential oil. For the color, I mixed pink + a lilttle of red & yellow). It's more of sunsety pink, ya I just made that word up. Since iv stared at them they kinda look like raw hamburger meat lol, trust the process of them drying out ;) As time goes on you get better and see what works, I want them to look pretty but it will dissolve in the bath rather quickly anyway. 


Lavender: Same original recipie but used lavender essential oil, & a little bit of purple food coloring. I also picked up some fresh lavender today and added it in the mix. It isn't needed but it's just an extra to have them float in your bath :)


I can't wait to make more. These would be great gifts too! My favorite thing about them is that they are competely customizable! If you aren't into dye, then leave them white! You can also mix the oils to create any scent. You can add flowers, vitamin E, and edible sugar candy for accents. I also scored a little daisy flower mold at a garage sale this am for 25¢! haha can't beat that! For the shape I just used my hands, I'm planning to buy a bath bomb mold soon which you can find at amazon. In an upcoming blog post I will share if I make any new ones. If anyone tries these out let me know!


                                                               Happy SUMMER!

short & sweet

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick post here! I was craving peach cobbler, so I decided to make a mock version tonight. Instead of making a crust or crumble like regular cobbler I just made my granola to put on top. Granola is great but it's not so cheap in stores & most of them are filled with too much sugar. It isn't that sweet so you can always alter it. Here's my homemade recipe!

Makes 10, 1/2 cup servings
25 mins total 
Macros- fat: 2.1 carbs: 13.4 protein 1.7

- 4 cups old fashion oats
- 1/4 raw sliced almonds
-1/4 cup of stevia in the raw or coconut palm sugar (this time I used stevia but I prefer coconut palm sugar, remember...macros might change a little)
-1/4 cup of honey
- 1 tbsp vanilla extract
- cinnamon

Preheat oven to 300°. In one bowl mix oats, almonds & stevia. In another bowl, mix honey & vanilla. Microwave the honey & vanilla for less than 30 seconds. Mix the wet & dry ingredients together.  Line cookie sheet with foil & spread evenly & sprinkle cinnamon on top.  Bake for 15-18 mins. I also put my oven on broil for a few mins & watched closely...it can burn fast! 


There are lots of things to add to granola but this is my go-to recipe! 
For the peaches, I just cut up super juicey peaches into slices & put them in a frying pan, splashed in some water & let them heat up until hot & bubbling. Then placed the cool granola on top! 


                                           Hope you're all having a happy sweet spring :)

DIY mini herb garden

Friday, May 22, 2015

I love to cook so I'm excited to finally start using my herbs for the summer! Downtown Detroit has a place called Eastern Market...there are tons of flowers, fresh fruits & veggies, plants, etc. I love how they come from all farms here in Michigan. My dad and I go every year to get ours! This year I added a couple more, and this is what I use them for. 
  • Lemon Basil- same as regular basil, but I LOVE lemon so this one is my favorite.
  • Basil- pasta, chicken, on top of pizza
  • Cilantro- any type of Mexican dish, guacamole, or salads
  • Mint-for fresh iced tea or smoothies
  • Rosemary- potatoes, meats, crock-pot, breads

My favorite thing about this is you get herbs for the whole summer for so cheap! I got all of mine for under $10! I love how they grow bigger and when you rip some off more grows back. In the off season I usually buy mine in the produce section which are about $3 and last about a week, so this is a much better alternative. They are super easy to keep alive too! Mine stay in part sun and I make sure to water them enough. Last year I started this and I kept mine in just one big pot, but this year I wanted to try something new!  

 I love the look of old crates and instead of buying one (which can be cheaper depending on what you use and a lotttt easier) I decided to make one myself. I wish I could give a complete step by step to share here but I just looked at another crate I had and went for it. If I make one again, I will document the details! My dad gave us some tips but my boyfriend and I started doing it together. Took a few hours but I convinced myself the end result will make me much happier ;) There's just something about building something and using the finished product.

Supplies: the crate
  • 2 wood planks from Home Depot (only cost about $3.50 each)
  • 1 & a half inch screws
  • a sample size of white bear interior/exterior paint with primer

  • I started using a saw but then switched over to an electric saw (highly recommend if you know how to use one properly...they are intense!)
  • goggles
  • sander or sandpaper, I used a sander cause I have one.
  • electric drill (drill bit)
  • marker
  • measuring tape


I seriously LOVE how this turned out. It was my first time and it's just staying outdoors so It didn't have to be just right. A few of my cuts weren't completely straight but that's totally okay and one thing I love about these homemade side projects, they can be anything you want them to. After I cut all my wood pieces and put them together I painted it all white. I then lined the box with coco moss so that way the soil wouldn't be falling out from the sides. I used potting mix and then planted my herbs! For the labels I painted thick popsicle sticks grey & wrote with sharpie.

Let me know your favorite herbs and what you like to use them for in the comment section below! 

easiest watermelon slush

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring/summer drinks are so fun and since it's finally getting nice out I wanted to try this one today! It's so so so easy and really refreshing.  All the drinks I have and will post are alcohol free since I don't drink, so also perfect for kids!

  • 2 cups of fresh seedless watermelon cut up
  • handful or two of ice
  • 1/2 cup-ish cup of coconut water (I used coconut pineapple water but any flavor i'm sure would be great)
-Blend all  together in blender until all the ice is no longer in big pieces, and there ya go!

This amount makes about 1 serving, it filled up a regular size mason jar shown in the picture. 
 I love coconut but don't like coconut water?? It's weird, but I think its just a really strong flavor but blending it with the watermelon and ice makes this drink perfect. This is super refreshing, healthy and a good way to get more fruit. I'm excited to try this with different fruit next time. Let me know if you try this at home! 

Easter Weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2015

I LOVE Easter, it's my second favorite holiday. I love how everything is bunny, chicks, pastels and spring cuteness. The section at target this year did not disappoint either! All the floral clothes,dresses and summer stuff makes me so much more excited that winter is over. Every main holiday I put up decorations around the house, so here are a few!

I found this cute little tree in the target dollar spot, it was only $3! I spread out the branches and found the perfect spot for it. These "'vintage" eggs I got at Walmart for under $4 in the easter section, I just put them right in a mason jar...so simple and so cute! I also put some regular plastic eggs in a big mason jar for the other side of my room...you can add any kind of eggs,candy or flowers in masons and make super cheap and easy decorations! I have a straw obsession, so most of my spring straws stay out for drinks and iced coffee. 

Saturday morning my bro-in -law, sis and nephew came over to chill and dye easter eggs. Dying eggs is definitely one of my favorite holiday activities! I could do it for hours. I love using a lot of colors but this year I used a gold paint pen to make them more fun! Nathan said "oOooh" when I opened the box of donuts :) haha and of course ginger had see all that was going on. I also made Bunny Munch! This was SO EASY and yummy! I found the recipe through Pinterest, and what I love most is that you can alter this for really any holiday or event (just by changing out candy/sprinkles or melted chocolate color).
Here is my Easter board where you can find the link through the pin-go make this!

Easter morning we went to my sisters church all together. Philip went back up to college that night so we both went to our family parties later in the day. We got each other Easter baskets, haha that was a 1st for him...he is definitely realizing how much I love the holidays ;) I loved having him home for the weekend! It was such a fun weekend. The REAL reason is all about our Savior! Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins, there is no greater love than the selfless love of our Lord. I will always be speechless when it comes to knowing all that he did for you and I. He is risen and will forever be praised! 

Check out my favorite worship song HERE!

Hope you all had a wonderful and hoppy Easter! 

Arnold 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It was my 1st time going to the Arnold Sports Festival and it did not disappoint! Every year in Columbus Ohio they host a fitness expo where there are hundreds of vendors, athletes and events going on. The whole convention center is rented out and there's actually a TON to do. Some of our favorite booths we visited were Optimum Nutrition, Quest, Cellucore, Musclepharm, Fitmiss, Bodybuilding.com. Most of them give out samples, prizes, and sell their supplements and clothing, etc. Philip went last year with some friends so this was his 2nd time going. My parents, boyfriend and I went from friday to saturday. The drive wasn't bad since we live in Michigan.

 The 1st day was great! EAS Sports Nutrition had a really cool booth, thats where we went on the rock climbing wall. True story, I actually beat him lol this never happens, like ever. He's a college football playing athlete with the heart & mind of a champion, so me actually winning on average about once a year is just fine for me :)

Friday night we found this awesome quick service restaurant called City BBQ. It was soooo good. Dickeys is a great fast bbq spot we have here in MI but I have to say this was better. (so healthy around this fitness expo right ha)

 Seeing the Arnold himself was pretty cool, we got a great video of him walking right by.

Larry Fitzgerald

Philip fangirling over Steve Cook...lol he was randomly walking through an isle and Phil asked him for a picture and he stopped to take one even though he was in a rush, so nice!

Natalie Hodson was super sweet! Thanks for taking the time out to talk :)

I also looooved  getting to meet Carlie Stylez, Whitney & Jackie! Thanks for taking the picture Whitney ;) Iv followed Carlie on Instagram and let me tell you she's so sweet! These girls are so  friendly, & down to earth..thank you guys for being so great. It was lovely meeting you three this past weekend! 
Check out Carlie's vlog, i'm in THIS video from the Arnold. 

These are most of the samples aside from shakers, shirts! Thankful my parents got to experience it with us (they also got to grab us stuff friday-thanks mom & dad!) Definitely worth it, excited to try some of these! I'll have to do a post of my favorite supplements in the future, anyone have recommendations?!  We got to meet so many awesome people, it was such a memorable weekend. Can't wait for next year!

Beauty Favorites: Part 2

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I am a lover of beauty products and I wanted to share some of my current favorites! I did my 1st beauty review post where you can read here. (I still actually use all of those products) so check that out! These are all my own & honest reviews.

1. Paul Mitchell's (Extra Body) Thicken Up- I got this at Ulta but can't find it on the website. I use this pretty much after every shower. My hair use to be more thick but it's more fine now so using this product really gives my hair some more volume and body. It isn't super cheap but this will last me SO long. I squirt a kernel size amount (yes I said kernel as in popcorn kernel) rub it in my hands and run through my towel dried hair. A little goes a long way with this. Shout out to my amazing hairdresser-&-friend for introducing me to this stuff!

2. OPI color: Mod About You- I was so excited to pick up this color last week, and I totally love it. It's on my hands and toes right now. It's pale pink and is perfect for spring! OPI has a great brush and I would say this color you could do with 2 or 3 coats. I would call & check before the store has it if you're going to get it-it's pretty popular!

3. Seche Vite: Dry fast topcoat- I picked this up at Meijer one day not knowing how great it was going to be! I soon figured out it had high reviews and was sold at many other beauty stores (for actually about $4 than I got it for).  The only thing I have to say it is pretty thick, if you don't take care of the bottle it becomes thicker and you end up having to throw it away with some still left in the bottle. It is super shiny and gives a great finish. This brand also sells a base coat but I haven't tried that yet. Sally's Beauty Supply usually has the best price for it, I have also found these cute mini bottles there! Perfect for traveling or keeping one in your purse.

4. Downy Wrinkle Releaser- Ok this isn't exactly something to spray on your body but it's too good not to share. I hate wrinkles. I iron often (& don't have a steamer-YET!) so this is nice to have when you don't have time. I love this mini bottle, but they also make it in a bigger bottle. Again, I can't travel without this. Plus it has a great laundry smell.

5. Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil- I totally had this same product in my last beauty post & didn't even realize until now haha well its THAT GOOD. Coconut Oil really needs a post of its own, so I will definitely do that one day....until then, I use this stuff every.single.day. This is a 12oz. a jar I got at Walmart in the baking isle that I keep in the bathroom. I use it for makeup remover, shaving cream, over cuts, as a moisturizer for my face, removing makeup residue on products, chapped lips, oil pulling,dry skin & the list goes on.  It's natural, safe, inexpensive and smells like coconut. I'm obsessed. There are plenty of other great organic brands you can find too :)

6. Philosophy: The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash- I have been using this every night for about a month now. It's gentle on my skin, and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean after! The smell is kinda bad but I'm use to it lol. It is on the expensive side but I'm hoping it will last me for awhile. I love Philosophy's products, and this one I am totes loving.

7. Philosophy: Purity- I use this cleanser every morning, and since the 1st day since I have started using it Iv been impressed. My skin feels fresh for the am and my makeup goes on so much better now! This is the 3oz. bottle found in the trial size section, so that is a great way to try it out for yourself without spending a lot.

8. Urban Decay: Naked 2- I have been wanting this for so long and finally got it a few months ago! I'm behind on the hype as far as posting about it goes haha but it really is worth the money. I have green eyes and so I chose this one over Naked 1 & 3. The colors in this palette I use the most are "bootycall" "verve" & "half baked". Every Urban Decay shadow I have used has great pigment, which is why they can be pricey. All the colors are so pretty!

The name of the product next to the number all have links for more info! As a side note: I use coupons constantly. Point systems through stores, coupons via email or catalogs, check if there's a "free product with purchase" type deals (don't get too suckered into those, some actually make you spend more), trying out trial sizes are great ways to save. Comment below if any of you have tried any of these products or post you own favorites for me to check out!

Valentines Weekend

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays! It is right up there with Christmas & Easter! It's full of pink, purple, red, chocolate and heart everything, whats not to love. I am a major holiday lover anyway but it's so fun. It's actually great timing, winter months here in the mitten are LONG, (especially january and february) so Valentines day being right in the middle of this month makes it that much better. My mom had a cute little vday party for us the week before :)

The morning started off with seeing Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theatre in downtown. Unfortunately we didn't get a pick of all of us, but my mom and dad, sister, bro in law & nephew all went together. It was a really cute show! It was so awesome for all of us to go back and see the show we use to see, but with our grandchild/nephew, such special memories! The Fox is one of the most beautiful places here in Detroit. I can't wait to take my kids there someday.

Story time: (the short version) My dad use to get tickets through his work so we'd always get to stay in the suite, so throughout my childhood we went several times. When I was 5 years old we went to see sesame street live (haha same show!) I was playing around on the theatre style seats, but there was actually a  section of marble that was the same mold as the chair, I fell straight backwards and cracked the back of my head open...it was bad. I was 5 & remember thee entire day, especially getting held down to put stitches in the back of my head. This time around we actually stayed in the same suite! Thankfully, 16 years later and I haven't had any stitches since! I will never ever forget that one.

       Philip & I had a great date night! We went to Pizza Papalis, Barnes and noble then got two of our favorites-donuts and iced coffee! He was actually my Valentine for 2 years in a row before we even started dating & this year it was our 4th together :) Loving these beautiful flowers from him!

                  Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines weekend! 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

I could go on and on about what i'll being typing about today. Mid-2014 I began to change direction in an area of my life...and long story short I knew in 2015 some ( at first scary) yet exciting changes would take place. All in all, i'm not great with change. I usually am not a fan and I get attached to keeping most things the way they are. I now feel so much peace about what i'm doing. If you are following where the Lord is leading you, he will give you the exact peace you need.

I love Emily Ley and her products. I got the Simplified Planner for my birthday last october. I couldn't wait to start using it in 2015. I LOVE IT! I use it every single day. I'm already an organized person but this planner not only helps get it all on paper but if forces me to look at what i'm filling my time with. Emily talks about filling your "tank" up with what matters most. I love that. Having a planner isn't solely about writing in every space but planning your days (people thrive differently but calendars and list really do wonders) being able to remember to make time for people...for God, others, your kids, friends. Side note: Le pens are my favorite pens ever. They work perfect for this planner and write so well. Some specialty stores have them but you can also get them online :)

Lara Casey is another great gal. She recently came out with a book called "Make it Happen". My mom got a book for us and one for my sister. It is amazing! It talks about her personal story but also is so encouraging. I highly recommend it! There are a lot of questions throughout the book and she also has online printables that go with the book. The focus is in the title "Make it Happen", by really living out the dreams you have in your heart and to stop letting things hold you back.

The online work I do from home also talks a ton about being the best you can be. Not living a mediocre life. See the theme here?  God has shown me so much faithfulness. He replaced those unknowns with peace. I never really struggled with knowing I had a purpose it was more of changing some things I had set in my mind for years. I don't want to go into too many details because it would take so long but I want to share what I learned & some helpful thoughts.
  • If you believe you can do it, you can! you not only have to believe in you, but also what you are doing. 
  • You have wayyyy more potential that you think you have. You aren't an accident, and your mind and body are capable of doing amazing things. 
  • Your success can give you a lot of money...but the real definition of success isn't about how much money you have because "having money doesn't make a person successful."
  • Doing things you are meant to do will always surpass the "perfect" or "popular" plan.
  • Knowing who you are in Christ is where you can find your confidence and true identity. 
  • Is what you are doing now going to help or hurt your future?
I could add a lot more to that list, but those are just a few for now. See, your path doesn't have to look like everyone else's. No one is perfect and we have to be okay with living an imperfect life.  Progress not perfection is where it's at! My word for this year is "intentional".  I picked that word because I want to be intentional about my days. I want to be all that I was created to be. God all gave us gifts and talents when He created us. When we use those talents it not only blesses others but it glorifies God. Some are big and some are small, but what we have to stop doing is comparing. It's so so easy to look at someone else and wish you looked like them or had what they had, but have you heard "comparison is the thief of joy"...it really is. I don't want to be average. I want to live a happy life serving others with what I have been given. I don't want to waste years away wishing I could've done what Iv always wanted to do. Don't you? I encourage you to pick a word for this year and live it out. Write it down and look at it everyday, have it on a post it in your car, be mindful of how you are spending your days. It's not that we can't ever have days where we do nothing,watch disney movies while we eat cereal all day (cause I actually do that-this is real life;) It's okay to stop, think and take a deep breathe. We all may be in different places...whether you're 17 and have no idea what you want to do for your future, whether you're married with 4 kids surrounding asking you for snacks right now, or 71 and loving life. Not every single one of our dreams or goals have to be big ones, like I said we all have different schedules,jobs and things we need to do, but the important thing is that we make time for what matters most. That we are capable of pursuing more than what this world offers. That we always remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. [Psalm 139:14] 


DIY frame re-do

Thursday, January 22, 2015

This has been one of my favorite projects yet! I really wanted a goal/motivational board, something pretty and organized that I could look at everyday. I made a fitness one once, I printed pictures of my favorite fitness quotes and some bodies I really liked. It turned out great but it was just a foam board and this time around I wanted something more presentable to have in my room and or office. Frames can get pricey, especially for the size I wanted so I decided to re-do one myself! Goals are really important to me and most of them will go no where if you solely keep them inside your head. I love having mine written down, in a place where I can look at them everyday as a reminder to be intentional about how I live. You could also add to-do list, pictures or schedules on a board like this. Here's how I did it!

I started off with buying a picture at the thrift store, I got this one for only $4.99! Haha, looks old right. As soon as I saw this I knew it was perfect. I love the lines in the frame, it gives it more character.

Hobby Lobby was my other stop! (2nd best store next to Target) I got some white acrylic paint for about 70 cents! I also bought a square pack of card stock that was 50%, so I paid only $2.
I also went to Joann's to get the fabric & cork board (see below).
I took off the picture and cardboard and washed the frame with a lysol wipe. I started off with two coats of white paint with a foam brush. 
 The cork board was about $6 but I had a coupon that gave me 40% that. It came in a 4 pack so with a cutter I cut it to fit the cardboard that the frame came with. Be careful, cork can sometimes break off in bigger chunks so cut an outline of your lines first. I hot glued them to the cardboard. The cardboard in it really helped because it gave me the exact size for cork an fabric that I needed!

I LOVE gray! I got this a Joann's for about $4 and still had extra to spare. I placed in over the cardboard/cork, flipped it over and pulled the fabric and started hot gluing around the edges. I have saw people do this with burlap-great idea! This is fun cause there are TONS of cute thin fabrics to where you could really have any theme for your background. 

I originally bought "crackle" clear paint to go over my white but I tested it on the back of my white frame and it definitely didn't work haha! I heard petroleum jelly works well but I already painted mine, you can always use sandpaper and I know there are a lot of other good paints out there as well. So last minute I mixed vinegar + water and put it in a spray bottle and started spraying around all the edges. Where ever you rub hard with the rag-the paint will come off and give it that distressed look. Since my wood was that color to begin with thats what showed up. SUPER EASY way to distress wood that items you can find right in your home!

I placed the base back into the frame and it's done! 

I LOVE the way this turned out. I wanted it clean but wanted the frame to have that vintage feel. Here are some close ups:

           It isn't done and I didn't write my goals on these pieces yet (obvi) but this is a little bit of an    idea!

All in all, this cost me about $16 to make! I think thats pretty good for a frame this size :) I love the cork because it allows you to take down and put up new things, and the fabric makes it look extra cute since I personally don't like the look of cork board.  It was pretty easy and once I do this again it will go a lot faster. DIY projects are so fun! I can't wait to fill this board with ideas and goals :)


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