DIY frame re-do

Thursday, January 22, 2015

This has been one of my favorite projects yet! I really wanted a goal/motivational board, something pretty and organized that I could look at everyday. I made a fitness one once, I printed pictures of my favorite fitness quotes and some bodies I really liked. It turned out great but it was just a foam board and this time around I wanted something more presentable to have in my room and or office. Frames can get pricey, especially for the size I wanted so I decided to re-do one myself! Goals are really important to me and most of them will go no where if you solely keep them inside your head. I love having mine written down, in a place where I can look at them everyday as a reminder to be intentional about how I live. You could also add to-do list, pictures or schedules on a board like this. Here's how I did it!

I started off with buying a picture at the thrift store, I got this one for only $4.99! Haha, looks old right. As soon as I saw this I knew it was perfect. I love the lines in the frame, it gives it more character.

Hobby Lobby was my other stop! (2nd best store next to Target) I got some white acrylic paint for about 70 cents! I also bought a square pack of card stock that was 50%, so I paid only $2.
I also went to Joann's to get the fabric & cork board (see below).
I took off the picture and cardboard and washed the frame with a lysol wipe. I started off with two coats of white paint with a foam brush. 
 The cork board was about $6 but I had a coupon that gave me 40% that. It came in a 4 pack so with a cutter I cut it to fit the cardboard that the frame came with. Be careful, cork can sometimes break off in bigger chunks so cut an outline of your lines first. I hot glued them to the cardboard. The cardboard in it really helped because it gave me the exact size for cork an fabric that I needed!

I LOVE gray! I got this a Joann's for about $4 and still had extra to spare. I placed in over the cardboard/cork, flipped it over and pulled the fabric and started hot gluing around the edges. I have saw people do this with burlap-great idea! This is fun cause there are TONS of cute thin fabrics to where you could really have any theme for your background. 

I originally bought "crackle" clear paint to go over my white but I tested it on the back of my white frame and it definitely didn't work haha! I heard petroleum jelly works well but I already painted mine, you can always use sandpaper and I know there are a lot of other good paints out there as well. So last minute I mixed vinegar + water and put it in a spray bottle and started spraying around all the edges. Where ever you rub hard with the rag-the paint will come off and give it that distressed look. Since my wood was that color to begin with thats what showed up. SUPER EASY way to distress wood that items you can find right in your home!

I placed the base back into the frame and it's done! 

I LOVE the way this turned out. I wanted it clean but wanted the frame to have that vintage feel. Here are some close ups:

           It isn't done and I didn't write my goals on these pieces yet (obvi) but this is a little bit of an    idea!

All in all, this cost me about $16 to make! I think thats pretty good for a frame this size :) I love the cork because it allows you to take down and put up new things, and the fabric makes it look extra cute since I personally don't like the look of cork board.  It was pretty easy and once I do this again it will go a lot faster. DIY projects are so fun! I can't wait to fill this board with ideas and goals :)


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