Valentines Weekend

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays! It is right up there with Christmas & Easter! It's full of pink, purple, red, chocolate and heart everything, whats not to love. I am a major holiday lover anyway but it's so fun. It's actually great timing, winter months here in the mitten are LONG, (especially january and february) so Valentines day being right in the middle of this month makes it that much better. My mom had a cute little vday party for us the week before :)

The morning started off with seeing Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theatre in downtown. Unfortunately we didn't get a pick of all of us, but my mom and dad, sister, bro in law & nephew all went together. It was a really cute show! It was so awesome for all of us to go back and see the show we use to see, but with our grandchild/nephew, such special memories! The Fox is one of the most beautiful places here in Detroit. I can't wait to take my kids there someday.

Story time: (the short version) My dad use to get tickets through his work so we'd always get to stay in the suite, so throughout my childhood we went several times. When I was 5 years old we went to see sesame street live (haha same show!) I was playing around on the theatre style seats, but there was actually a  section of marble that was the same mold as the chair, I fell straight backwards and cracked the back of my head was bad. I was 5 & remember thee entire day, especially getting held down to put stitches in the back of my head. This time around we actually stayed in the same suite! Thankfully, 16 years later and I haven't had any stitches since! I will never ever forget that one.

       Philip & I had a great date night! We went to Pizza Papalis, Barnes and noble then got two of our favorites-donuts and iced coffee! He was actually my Valentine for 2 years in a row before we even started dating & this year it was our 4th together :) Loving these beautiful flowers from him!

                  Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines weekend! 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

I could go on and on about what i'll being typing about today. Mid-2014 I began to change direction in an area of my life...and long story short I knew in 2015 some ( at first scary) yet exciting changes would take place. All in all, i'm not great with change. I usually am not a fan and I get attached to keeping most things the way they are. I now feel so much peace about what i'm doing. If you are following where the Lord is leading you, he will give you the exact peace you need.

I love Emily Ley and her products. I got the Simplified Planner for my birthday last october. I couldn't wait to start using it in 2015. I LOVE IT! I use it every single day. I'm already an organized person but this planner not only helps get it all on paper but if forces me to look at what i'm filling my time with. Emily talks about filling your "tank" up with what matters most. I love that. Having a planner isn't solely about writing in every space but planning your days (people thrive differently but calendars and list really do wonders) being able to remember to make time for people...for God, others, your kids, friends. Side note: Le pens are my favorite pens ever. They work perfect for this planner and write so well. Some specialty stores have them but you can also get them online :)

Lara Casey is another great gal. She recently came out with a book called "Make it Happen". My mom got a book for us and one for my sister. It is amazing! It talks about her personal story but also is so encouraging. I highly recommend it! There are a lot of questions throughout the book and she also has online printables that go with the book. The focus is in the title "Make it Happen", by really living out the dreams you have in your heart and to stop letting things hold you back.

The online work I do from home also talks a ton about being the best you can be. Not living a mediocre life. See the theme here?  God has shown me so much faithfulness. He replaced those unknowns with peace. I never really struggled with knowing I had a purpose it was more of changing some things I had set in my mind for years. I don't want to go into too many details because it would take so long but I want to share what I learned & some helpful thoughts.
  • If you believe you can do it, you can! you not only have to believe in you, but also what you are doing. 
  • You have wayyyy more potential that you think you have. You aren't an accident, and your mind and body are capable of doing amazing things. 
  • Your success can give you a lot of money...but the real definition of success isn't about how much money you have because "having money doesn't make a person successful."
  • Doing things you are meant to do will always surpass the "perfect" or "popular" plan.
  • Knowing who you are in Christ is where you can find your confidence and true identity. 
  • Is what you are doing now going to help or hurt your future?
I could add a lot more to that list, but those are just a few for now. See, your path doesn't have to look like everyone else's. No one is perfect and we have to be okay with living an imperfect life.  Progress not perfection is where it's at! My word for this year is "intentional".  I picked that word because I want to be intentional about my days. I want to be all that I was created to be. God all gave us gifts and talents when He created us. When we use those talents it not only blesses others but it glorifies God. Some are big and some are small, but what we have to stop doing is comparing. It's so so easy to look at someone else and wish you looked like them or had what they had, but have you heard "comparison is the thief of joy" really is. I don't want to be average. I want to live a happy life serving others with what I have been given. I don't want to waste years away wishing I could've done what Iv always wanted to do. Don't you? I encourage you to pick a word for this year and live it out. Write it down and look at it everyday, have it on a post it in your car, be mindful of how you are spending your days. It's not that we can't ever have days where we do nothing,watch disney movies while we eat cereal all day (cause I actually do that-this is real life;) It's okay to stop, think and take a deep breathe. We all may be in different places...whether you're 17 and have no idea what you want to do for your future, whether you're married with 4 kids surrounding asking you for snacks right now, or 71 and loving life. Not every single one of our dreams or goals have to be big ones, like I said we all have different schedules,jobs and things we need to do, but the important thing is that we make time for what matters most. That we are capable of pursuing more than what this world offers. That we always remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. [Psalm 139:14] 


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