easiest watermelon slush

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring/summer drinks are so fun and since it's finally getting nice out I wanted to try this one today! It's so so so easy and really refreshing.  All the drinks I have and will post are alcohol free since I don't drink, so also perfect for kids!

  • 2 cups of fresh seedless watermelon cut up
  • handful or two of ice
  • 1/2 cup-ish cup of coconut water (I used coconut pineapple water but any flavor i'm sure would be great)
-Blend all  together in blender until all the ice is no longer in big pieces, and there ya go!

This amount makes about 1 serving, it filled up a regular size mason jar shown in the picture. 
 I love coconut but don't like coconut water?? It's weird, but I think its just a really strong flavor but blending it with the watermelon and ice makes this drink perfect. This is super refreshing, healthy and a good way to get more fruit. I'm excited to try this with different fruit next time. Let me know if you try this at home! 

Easter Weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2015

I LOVE Easter, it's my second favorite holiday. I love how everything is bunny, chicks, pastels and spring cuteness. The section at target this year did not disappoint either! All the floral clothes,dresses and summer stuff makes me so much more excited that winter is over. Every main holiday I put up decorations around the house, so here are a few!

I found this cute little tree in the target dollar spot, it was only $3! I spread out the branches and found the perfect spot for it. These "'vintage" eggs I got at Walmart for under $4 in the easter section, I just put them right in a mason jar...so simple and so cute! I also put some regular plastic eggs in a big mason jar for the other side of my room...you can add any kind of eggs,candy or flowers in masons and make super cheap and easy decorations! I have a straw obsession, so most of my spring straws stay out for drinks and iced coffee. 

Saturday morning my bro-in -law, sis and nephew came over to chill and dye easter eggs. Dying eggs is definitely one of my favorite holiday activities! I could do it for hours. I love using a lot of colors but this year I used a gold paint pen to make them more fun! Nathan said "oOooh" when I opened the box of donuts :) haha and of course ginger had see all that was going on. I also made Bunny Munch! This was SO EASY and yummy! I found the recipe through Pinterest, and what I love most is that you can alter this for really any holiday or event (just by changing out candy/sprinkles or melted chocolate color).
Here is my Easter board where you can find the link through the pin-go make this!

Easter morning we went to my sisters church all together. Philip went back up to college that night so we both went to our family parties later in the day. We got each other Easter baskets, haha that was a 1st for him...he is definitely realizing how much I love the holidays ;) I loved having him home for the weekend! It was such a fun weekend. The REAL reason is all about our Savior! Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins, there is no greater love than the selfless love of our Lord. I will always be speechless when it comes to knowing all that he did for you and I. He is risen and will forever be praised! 

Check out my favorite worship song HERE!

Hope you all had a wonderful and hoppy Easter! 

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