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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quick post here! I was craving peach cobbler, so I decided to make a mock version tonight. Instead of making a crust or crumble like regular cobbler I just made my granola to put on top. Granola is great but it's not so cheap in stores & most of them are filled with too much sugar. It isn't that sweet so you can always alter it. Here's my homemade recipe!

Makes 10, 1/2 cup servings
25 mins total 
Macros- fat: 2.1 carbs: 13.4 protein 1.7

- 4 cups old fashion oats
- 1/4 raw sliced almonds
-1/4 cup of stevia in the raw or coconut palm sugar (this time I used stevia but I prefer coconut palm sugar, remember...macros might change a little)
-1/4 cup of honey
- 1 tbsp vanilla extract
- cinnamon

Preheat oven to 300°. In one bowl mix oats, almonds & stevia. In another bowl, mix honey & vanilla. Microwave the honey & vanilla for less than 30 seconds. Mix the wet & dry ingredients together.  Line cookie sheet with foil & spread evenly & sprinkle cinnamon on top.  Bake for 15-18 mins. I also put my oven on broil for a few mins & watched can burn fast! 


There are lots of things to add to granola but this is my go-to recipe! 
For the peaches, I just cut up super juicey peaches into slices & put them in a frying pan, splashed in some water & let them heat up until hot & bubbling. Then placed the cool granola on top! 


                                           Hope you're all having a happy sweet spring :)

DIY mini herb garden

Friday, May 22, 2015

I love to cook so I'm excited to finally start using my herbs for the summer! Downtown Detroit has a place called Eastern Market...there are tons of flowers, fresh fruits & veggies, plants, etc. I love how they come from all farms here in Michigan. My dad and I go every year to get ours! This year I added a couple more, and this is what I use them for. 
  • Lemon Basil- same as regular basil, but I LOVE lemon so this one is my favorite.
  • Basil- pasta, chicken, on top of pizza
  • Cilantro- any type of Mexican dish, guacamole, or salads
  • Mint-for fresh iced tea or smoothies
  • Rosemary- potatoes, meats, crock-pot, breads

My favorite thing about this is you get herbs for the whole summer for so cheap! I got all of mine for under $10! I love how they grow bigger and when you rip some off more grows back. In the off season I usually buy mine in the produce section which are about $3 and last about a week, so this is a much better alternative. They are super easy to keep alive too! Mine stay in part sun and I make sure to water them enough. Last year I started this and I kept mine in just one big pot, but this year I wanted to try something new!  

 I love the look of old crates and instead of buying one (which can be cheaper depending on what you use and a lotttt easier) I decided to make one myself. I wish I could give a complete step by step to share here but I just looked at another crate I had and went for it. If I make one again, I will document the details! My dad gave us some tips but my boyfriend and I started doing it together. Took a few hours but I convinced myself the end result will make me much happier ;) There's just something about building something and using the finished product.

Supplies: the crate
  • 2 wood planks from Home Depot (only cost about $3.50 each)
  • 1 & a half inch screws
  • a sample size of white bear interior/exterior paint with primer

  • I started using a saw but then switched over to an electric saw (highly recommend if you know how to use one properly...they are intense!)
  • goggles
  • sander or sandpaper, I used a sander cause I have one.
  • electric drill (drill bit)
  • marker
  • measuring tape


I seriously LOVE how this turned out. It was my first time and it's just staying outdoors so It didn't have to be just right. A few of my cuts weren't completely straight but that's totally okay and one thing I love about these homemade side projects, they can be anything you want them to. After I cut all my wood pieces and put them together I painted it all white. I then lined the box with coco moss so that way the soil wouldn't be falling out from the sides. I used potting mix and then planted my herbs! For the labels I painted thick popsicle sticks grey & wrote with sharpie.

Let me know your favorite herbs and what you like to use them for in the comment section below! 

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