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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Anyone else looove their beauty products?! Any Lush fans here? I thought so. I have really been wanting to make more things I can use on my body. I'm all for ulta, fancy expensive brands, but I also love making products myself. Coconut oil, vitamin E oil & essential oils are now part of my everyday routine. There are tons of concoctions I have made up that I keep going back to. You will find my less than a $1 (b/c the ingredients I have on hand in long lasting supply) homemade mask right next to my $28 dollar philosophy exfoliating face wash ;)  Lush bath products I love to buy and still will but I knew they weren't that hard to make so I tried them out for myself. Bath bombs are greeeat, they are colorful, smell so good, make your skin soft and make baths that much better.

This is my 1st experiencing making homemade bath bombs! I looked through a few but decided to try this recipie. This is not my own, so props to this girl! They were pretty simple and just today I made a 2nd batch. A few of the items I got at my local health food store. They are setting now so tonight I'm going to test them out in the bath! I will update the end of this post to let ya'll know :) They already smell AMAZING! CLICK HERE--> Homemade Bath Bomb Recipe

Pink Grapefruit: I followed the original recipe but just added grapefruit as my essential oil. For the color, I mixed pink + a lilttle of red & yellow). It's more of sunsety pink, ya I just made that word up. Since iv stared at them they kinda look like raw hamburger meat lol, trust the process of them drying out ;) As time goes on you get better and see what works, I want them to look pretty but it will dissolve in the bath rather quickly anyway. 


Lavender: Same original recipie but used lavender essential oil, & a little bit of purple food coloring. I also picked up some fresh lavender today and added it in the mix. It isn't needed but it's just an extra to have them float in your bath :)


I can't wait to make more. These would be great gifts too! My favorite thing about them is that they are competely customizable! If you aren't into dye, then leave them white! You can also mix the oils to create any scent. You can add flowers, vitamin E, and edible sugar candy for accents. I also scored a little daisy flower mold at a garage sale this am for 25¢! haha can't beat that! For the shape I just used my hands, I'm planning to buy a bath bomb mold soon which you can find at amazon. In an upcoming blog post I will share if I make any new ones. If anyone tries these out let me know!


                                                               Happy SUMMER!

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