Homemade Beard Oil

Saturday, September 5, 2015


This is something I never thought I would be making but here I am! lol My boyfriend has always loved the outdoors but this past year he's been getting way into it more. We are in some sort of outdoor store every.single.week. Philip is also now starting to grow his beard which i'm not fulllllly use to but he's been asking for a beard oil. He sent me a link on how to make your own and I was way happier with that vs buying it. It's just one more way for him to be using my essential oils ;) If unsure, I would recommend having who ever is using it to smell some out first and even test some on his hand if he hasn't used them before. I only use Young Living essential oils which I LOVE! If you are interest in becoming a member, shoot me an email! By having oils and big bottle of grapeseed oil on hand, you will have enough to make these beard oils for years & years to come!

"In the Woods"
    -Grapeseed oil (15ml/ aka filled up my bottle halfway)
-Vitamin E oil (10 drops)
-Pine (12 drops)
-Cedarwood (5 drops)
-Peppermint (3 drops)
-Frankincense (2 drops)

"Clean Citrus"
-  Grapeseed oil (15ml/aka filled up my bottle halfway)
- Vitamin E oil (10 drops)
- citrus fresh (10 drops)
- Copaiba (7 drops)
- Lavender ( 5 drops)
- Lemon (3 drops)

What you will need!
A bottle: I bought these cute amber bottles at my local health food store for only a few bucks each. The dark works best to help the oils last longer. You can also find them online.
Label: I wanted to make it more personalized so I just made out a label on pages. I got some new fonts and clipart to make it more vintage looking. I LOVE how they turned out, I personally love the deer on each side :) A taped post-it or sticky label works just if you don't want to make your own! I just taped them around the bottle after adding the oil.
Bowl & Spoon/Q-tip: I used a little bowl to mix them and test out the recipes beforehand. A Q-tip works best to mix them and to also smell them. Once I figured out how many drops to add I just put the oils in right from the Young Living bottles right into my amber bottle instead of premixing it and then poorly pouring it from the bowl. A mini funnel would also be smart.
Essential Oils & a Carrier Oil: Whichever ones you prefer! There are several types of carrier oils (an oil you can use to dilute the essential oils) to use, I love coconut oil & grapeseed best. For beard oil I don't suggest using coconut oil though because depending on the temperature it will either be super liquid-y or harden up to a balm texture. The ones I used are listed above!


There are so many benefits to this stuff! With the oils I used, they can help with acne, dry skin, a rough beard, odor and growth. Essential Oils absorb into hair and skin & mimic the cells that our body makes, which is why the positive properties of each oil works so well! In another post I will let ya'll know how it works after Philip uses it for awhile. Iv been SO excited to make this for him! Comment below and let me know if anyone has favorite recipes. Growing up it was a girls world in my house, with my dad as the only guy...make up, body spray and nail polish took the win for us 3 girls. Soo this beard oil is a new thing & I didn't know was so popular :) haha Oh, the things you learn when your best friend is your boyfriend.

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