Beauty in the Trials

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I need this and you just may need it too.
Nothing in this world has more power than the voice of God. It kind of blows my mind (in the best way) how we don't usually, if ever, hear him in an audible voice yet what he speaks to us, molds our entire definition of life.  

I really wish that I could just facetime Jesus (Can you imagine though? lol) I can't wait to hear his voice one day, and see his face. It's giving me chills right now. That is just one of the reasons why my heart holds on so tight to my mission, to see him face to face one day. Faith plays into all of it so beautifully. We believe what we cannot physically see. We don't doubt his existance because we haven't touched his face. He doesn't have a magic wand that gives us whatever we want and most of the time he doesn't show us a timelime of our future. If we got what we wanted from Him all the time then we wouldn't need our faith to trust in Him. I have been in a Christian atmosphere my entire life. I have read this scripture above more than I can count...yet it gets deeper rooted in my soul because it touches my trials differently than the time before. Jesus has been speaking to me a lot lately and I can't help but share this portion specifically. I could write on this time and time again but this is good for now. Warning: There will be errors, weird wording & lots of run on sentences lol but really it doesn't matter. The Holy Spirit doesn't spell check ya'll. 

You must always thank Him, because you can never thank him enough. No matter what you are going through, you HAVE to still have thankfulness and express that to him. (Psalm 95:2) Most people are thankful for what they have but knowing you are isn't enough. Tell Jesus, everyday. Sing, let the words of worship songs get in your heard.  Watch what He does. Tell yourself, tell your loved ones, tell it on social media, tell strangers...make known His good works. It's not just what you have but all about who gave it to you.

                            Keeping your eyes fixed on him. (Hebrews 12:2) This world is crazy and if we let it, it can leave us uneasy. Super uneasy. We live in such a fallen world but with knowing what Jesus is doing it blooms life. I love reading over scriptures because it renews my mind. Meditate on the Word (Psalm 1:2) No matter what changes, I know His Word remains the same. Stuff may not just go right away but God never lets up loving you. He see's you going through it, so he will let it be an opportunity to not only grow closer to Him but to lead others towards Him.

                                        Let go. Trust him. Physically say it every single day. I have to trust in Him, no matter what my body is physically feeling or what my mind is thinking. Some things seem impossible and you may find yourself saying " God, pleaseeeeee help already!" or you may have 201 "whys" but it's not complicated. You can be in any state of emotion yet don't let that stop you from saying it to our Savior. He doesn't need you to know every avenue, or to have a grand plan or to do everything just right...He just needs your simple surrender. I have an organized type of way to doing life and this is one area where it melts away and goes to God. Thats all. One of my favorite songs says "so let go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know his name". The beautiful nature that surrounds us, it declares his work and love. They only move because they were created by God (Isaiah 55:12) Letting go to your human flesh is hard. It's not exactly natural. I almost laugh at how it works because I hate not knowing what tomorrow holds and thats exactly what I have to put my trust in Him for.  You just have to do it, it's almost unexplainable. Just let go, let go my soul.

It's a beautiful and painful still go through something but search for good. To sometimes feeling like you're drowning but to know you won't drown. To experience something that you hate but knowing that your empathy is expanding. To trust in Jesus even when you have no idea how it will go. To have your heart break because you know how many other people go through it too but now you can pray for them. That since you know exactly whats it's like but now someone has another soul praying on their behalf. You can always pull good out of bad. Help someone else find it too. When something unexpected and painful comes but it makes you extra appreciative for when it is absent. God is so so good and it brings me to tears as I realize all that He is for us and all that we are solely because of Him. 

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  1. Beautiful read! I love you and your relationship with God!! xoxo


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