DIY Soap Recipe

Thursday, March 10, 2016


I saw this idea on pinterest awhile back and decided to try it today, it's super easy! I don't have anything against store bought soaps (my favs are watkins, method & I just loooove all the bath & body works ones) However, this is a great alternitive to have on hand (haha accidental pun) when we run out. Foaming soap can be more fun too :) You could also make this into a body wash & add any coloring. If you only choose to have natural products for your family then this is it!

What you will need:
- Mason jar & Pump dispenser (an empty dial/b&bw foaming bottle works just as well too!) 
- Dr.Bronners Castile Soap (any scent)
- Essential Oils
- Vitamin E oil (optional)
Mason Jar route:
If you choose to use a mason jar, you just have to use a tool to cut a circle in the top. I used a drill and it took me a good 15 minutes­čśů. I suggest not using a regualr drill, but a circle cutter if you have one. Once you have the hole cut, place your foaming pump dispenser through it to where it's snug. Screw the lid on and that's it! I got my pump from a old Watkins soap.

Emptied bottle of Foaming Hand Soap:
Just thoroughly wash out :) You could also add your own label to it.


The scent I made was Lavender Lemon, perfect for spring! Both of oils are calming and refreshing. Any of the citrusy oils would be great too. I made sure to use Frankensise because of the antibacterial properties. <-- That's the oil that will kick sickness! The vitamin E is optional in case you don't have it, but a small bottle goes a long way...which also has about 87 uses ha! (find at amazon or health food stores)You can also get different scents of the castile soaps (which come in so many sizes & have tons of uses. I got this mini bottle at Target) The baby unscented kind I used is great for sensitive skin! I'm not sure how much it cost per bottle, you can tell you if you like math that much lol but I do know it's prettttyyy cheap! I hope you try this at home too! 

DIY Foaming Hand soap Recipe:
- 1/4 cup of baby unscented Dr.Bronners Castile Soap 
- 1 cup of water
- 1teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil
- 5 drops of Lavender
- 2 drops of Thieves
- 4 drops of Lemon

Mix altogether in your bottle and thats it!

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