About me

I'm Victoria Pace :) Lets start off with the most important thing about me.. I LOVE Jesus. I have been a believer my whole life.  I live in michigan and am 22 years old. I work in a lab as a phlebotomist, I also still babysit for my wonderful families and I absolutely love it. My family is so great. My fiancé is the best guy ever. My friends are awesome and I love them dearly. I am so very blessed in this beauti-filled-life! 

To get to know me a little better, here are some random facts about me :)

- Watching movies happens multiple times a week
- Football is & always will be a huge part of my life
- I love my dogs like crazy (Ginger & Theo)
- Pretty much love everything about Disney
- I love love love holidays, especially Christmas!
- I'm a certified Phlebotomist
- I can't wait to have a big family one day
- Gators are a slight obsession (the animal)
- Hazelnut creamer is the bomb.com
- Snow cones and or fruity non-alcoholic drinks are the bomb
- I have the cutest nephew & niece
- Mason jars rock
- You can never have enough stripes
- Donuts are a weakness
- Coffee, always.
- I have a straw & mug obsession that I have no shame for
- In late 2012 I really started to lose weight and within a year I lost over 35lbs & kept it all off! It really kicked off my fitness journey
- YL's Essential Oils are used pretty much daily
- I'm target obsessed
- I have a big spot in my heart for faith based missions


  1. Okay.. are we twins?? LOVE your blog!! ;) I'm so glad we are friends!! :)

    1. awe thank you! yes me too girl! we are so alike, i love it! :)


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